Steven LeMieux

I'm a PhD candidate in English with a focus on rhetoric and writing at The University of Texas at Austin. My dissertation, Parasitic Rhetorics, Rhetorical Parasites: A Proliferation of Thirds, positions rhetoric within the logic of the parasite, an internal alterity whose function is interruption, in order to question how rhetoric functions from within a diverse set of inseparable relations. I argue for a parasitic rhetoric that invites interruption and includes the excluded third. In my dissertation I take up human/earth relations through climate change, human/animal relations through the cat parasite toxoplasma gondii, and human/technology relations through plagiarism.

During my time at UT I've taught in both the Department of Rhetoric & Writing and the Department of English. Most recently, the classes that I have taught have focused on rhetoric, technology, and climate change. I have worked in the Digital Writing and Research Lab, and for two years served as an Assistant Director of that lab. My time at the DWRL has been a crucial part of my education, and it has strongly influenced my work. Alongside my traditional research I also create and teach students to create material and digital objects that function both as arguments in their right and as a form of rhetorical invention.

I received an MA in English from the University of Florida. While at UF, I taught courses in technical writing, composition, and media studies. I received BAs in English and Philosophy from Southwestern University.

I am currently working at the DWRL from afar while I finish my dissertation. I live in San Francisco with my wife, our son, and two cats. After more than 20 years in Texas, the fog is wonderful.


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