Steven LeMieux

I earned a PhD in Rhetoric from The University of Texas at Austin. My current book project positions rhetoric within the logic of the parasite, an internal alterity whose function is interruption. I argue that we can take up the figure of interruption as the beginning rather than the end of relationality, and I explore new ways to figure relation in a world beset by constant flux.

During my time at UT I taught in both the Department of Rhetoric & Writing and the Department of English. Most recently, the classes that I have taught have focused on rhetoric, technology, and climate change. While at UT, I worked as Assistant Director in the Digitial Writing and Research Lab.

Alongside my traditional research I also create and teach students to create digital-media artifacts that function both as a means of making arguments and exploring performative forms of rhetorical invention

My work has appeared in the journal enculturation.

I live in San Francisco with my wife, our son, and two cats.